Kaye is Farmer of the Week on UrbanFig.com!

| October 24, 2012 | 15 Replies

Today, October 24, is Food Day, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be the featured Farmer of the Week on UrbanFig.com, Backyard Farming for Urban Dwelling. UrbanFig features a different urban organic farmer every week, and this is my week! Please check it out by clicking here, or the title below. Also included is my recipe for Chinese Cabbage Slaw from my Purple Cabbage episode of “Late Bloomer.”



Kaye Kittrell with her Tomatoes

With loads of helpful articles, as well as a full store of gardening necessities, make UrbanFig your source for all your backyard (or, in my case, front yard!) urban farming needs, and sign up for their newsletter!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m going out to plant some broccolini, chard and beet seeds. How are you celebrating Food Day?- Kaye

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  1. flamidwyfe says:

    Wow congrats, Kaye!!!

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    Please join up! – You will be one of the first.

  3. Very well done you and can I just say I love this picture of you! Contentment at its very best

    • Thank you, Dallas! Are you back in U.K.? – Kaye

      • sadly yes! with the worst case of “feeling sorry for myself”!

      • Deb, get your dopamine flowing, woman, get in the FLOW (see the book “Flow”). Find your flow, even in the U.K. Connect with Marie Rowe below, my dear friend in the U.K. She’s wonderful and will cheer you up! – Kaye PS I’ve been in the Flow for the last two hours digging in my dirt and planting beet seeds, and I feel wonderful!!! 🙂 Go out and help your dad in the garden. Stay away from salt, sugar and alcohol for the present, and go easy on the caffeine. You will arise! I predict you will have your first book publishing deal within a year, but, you have to work at it! 🙂 – Kaye

  4. Marie Rowe says:

    Congratulations, Kaye! Well deserved. Xxx

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Hiking Mama says:

    Awesome!! And I also love the picture of you, good job Kaye!

  6. oceannah says:

    Kaye you are SO Awesome!! I never knew food had its own day…heheee every day is food day here! I love how you put yourself out there and just keep forging ahead Kaye, you are the farmer of the future…let no scrap of land be without food growing on it 🙂

    • Thanks, Anna! Wouldn’t that be awesome! I saw a video of a man in Oakland operation a hydroponics mini farm on a porch of an industrial bldg at the junction of a few freeways and he said the dirt in the numerous empty lots around there was all contaminated, so he’s working in water and has no bugs or weeds. The nutrition comes from small fish tanks with recirculating water. Fascinating and he deserves more recognition. I will post the video on Late Bloomer Show FB page. Are you on Facebook, Anna? – Kaye

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