Growing Radishes 101

| August 26, 2012 | 5 Replies

My neighbor, Dennis, told me that if you fail Growing Radishes 101, you might not be cut out for gardening, presumably because radishes are so easy to grow. This is an update to an earlier post “About the Radishes….”

Today, since the barrel was choked with tall radish leaves, and since it’s been enough time that I should actually have radishes under those leaves, and because my neighbor, Zdena, who saw it recently said they were too crowded to grow radishes down there, I decided I’d better thin them out. But, since it didn’t seem like there were any radishes growing, I pulled them all out.

Growing Radishes 101 - pulled radish leaves

Pulled radish leaves

This was the motley crue that bared a resemblance to a radish. A couple of these might have been edible. Likely, this was a watering issue as well as a loose soil issue, also I planted these in summer, so they might have just been too hot to develop.

Growing Radishes 101

Split and dwarfed radishes

Once again, the root has a split in it, instead of actually making a radish. I wish I knew what this means.

Growing Radishes 101 - split radish

Split, undeveloped radish

If you read the earlier post, I had the bright idea to plant carrot seed together with radish seed. 🙁 Don’t do this, because radishes germinate five times faster than carrots. But, the carrot sprouts had nothing developing down under. And when you pull out the radishes, the carrots get disrupted. The exception being, if you plant them rows.

Growing Radishes 101 - barrel

Carrot sprouts left after pulling out radishes

I decided to leave them for awhile and see what happens. It was carrots I was after in the first place. Have you failed Growing Radishes 101? Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. oceannah says:

    Kaye, These look interesting 😉 We always plant radishes w/ the carrot seed. Carrots are notorious for slow germination…the radishes are ready in 25-30 days…they ‘break’ the soil so to speak for the carrots. I’ve never had a problem before although I’ve never grown them in pots…which should not have any bearing either way…hmmm?? Hopefully the carrots will come along nicely.

    • Yes, Anna, in fact, I got the idea from you! I think they were just too crowded. My thinking was, big barrel, radish sprouts will shelter the carrot seed, keeping it from drying out between waterings. I want to grow carrots so badly, but, I’ve not had any luck since March. I did start another twin barrel with only carrot seed and have watered religiously and do have sprouts, so we will see. I installed a drip line today in the parkway, just need to cap off a few sprinkler heads before I see if it works. 🙂 – Kaye

  2. oceannah says:

    Dang. I would talk to the Master Gardeners at your local Cooperative Extension. What I do in upstate NY may in fact be all wrong for your area of Cali. I’ve never grown a carrot west of the Mississippi 😉

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