Zucchini Madness – Episode 17!

| August 29, 2012 | 9 Replies

Check out the latest episode of “Late Bloomer.” I go a little mad growing zucchini! Watch here on in high resolution on YouTube. Thanks for watching! Please share! – Kaye

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  1. I love the milk suggestion, thanks!

    • The milk seemed to arrest the mildew (it’s still alive a month later), but, if it’s too far gone, don’t expect the milk to bring it all the way back. It’s best to try this early before it spreads, I think. And don’t think, oh, I’ll use 20% milk, because that coats the leaves too much. I tried that. Aren’t you in So. Cal? The microclimate near the ocean and foggy mornings are perfect for encouraging mildew. There’s not much you can do. And make sure you don’t get the leaves wet when watering. Thanks for watching! 🙂 – Kaye

  2. flamidwyfe says:

    Did you say raw goat milk yogurt… Mmmm Mmmm!!! Was the dill from your garden?

    Your cherry tomato plants are amazing! Can’t wait to see how well they produce!

    And I love the crows at the end… the retakes are the best 🙂 Love your posts!

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    If you haven’t watched my zucchini saga, please do! Thanks!!

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