Planting Lettuce – Best technique!

| May 15, 2012 | 7 Replies

Planting Lettuce – Best technique! In episode 7 of “Late Bloomer,” Kaye visits Farmer Jack, biodynamic farmer, and he shares his foolproof method of planting lettuce in a pot. Farmer Jack has been practicing biodynamic agriculture for several decades and orchestrates the biodynamic compost production at One Gun Ranch. Please watch One Gun Ranch Biodynamic Compost & Garden, episode 6 to see how they they make it. Jack was the person who inspired Kaye to grow food in her front yard.

Planting Lettuce - Best Technique! - Kaye & Jack

Lettuce Sprouts after one week with Jack’s technique

Please watch and share! Do you have a great method for growing lettuce from seed? Please leave a comment.

Thanks for watching Planting Lettuce – Best technique!! – Kaye

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  1. Pat says:

    Had to go back to catch the “in a week”- missed that the first time!

    • Pat, as you will see in an upcoming episode, I did not have quite as much success as Farmer Jack. I have sprouts, but since I did not have many seeds the day I filmed, I don’t have the puff of sprouts he did. I did two pots and now that I have a fresh supply of ten different kinds of seeds, am debating starting over in one pot. Did you try it yet?

    • “In a week, or more…” Jack said. I think that has to do with climate, etc. Don’t think you failed if you don’t see sprouts in one week flat!:-)

  2. MaryZ says:

    I would love to try this! But I’m not sure I can find the magic dust. Great show, Kaye!

  3. Mary Z, ask at your local garden center for organic compost. Then, force enough through a screen or sifter. That, with some worm compost and organic vegetable food will absolutely suffice!

  4. Wonderful Kaye! I can feel the warm ocean breeze as you learn how to make a salade de composte. Wish I was there to set a table and enjoy with you. Maybe a window box in Brooklyn can do the same with that majic dust of yours? Will for sure watch all late Bloomer episdoes to learn more and green stuff and just to see you!

    • It’s wonderful to hear from you, Ms. Brooklyn! Please spread the word over there about “Late Bloomer!” Urban gardening and farming is a hot trend. Absolutely for a window box!!! Beets, radishes, lettuce and spinach and strawberries are just 5 that do well in boxes, not to mention potatoes! You need about 10 ” deep for potatoes, though. (See my “Rainy Day” episode) You can do lettuce in 6″! And radishes almost grow if you look at them! Thanks for your support! Wish you were here to see my garden grow! – Kaye

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