Flowers for Mothers

| May 14, 2012 | 3 Replies

Because our internet service was down all yesterday, Mother’s Day, I was not able to post this. I had intended to write that, because Mother’s Day is so closely associated with flowers – indeed, I received a flower arrangement – I would set aside my preoccupation with vegetables for a day and post the newest arrivals in my garden. What’s blooming?

Potato blossom:

Trumpet vine:


Truthfully, I was preoccupied with vegetables, and started the day filming the cutting of my first purple cabbage for a “Late Bloomer” episode, making it into cabbage slaw with Chinese dressing, grass-fed meatloaf with fresh oregano from the garden, and potato salad in fresh goat yogurt and fresh dill from the garden, which made a very nice, cold supper after a long day digging in the garden.

I knew I would never have the energy to cook supper after five hours of digging a 6’x3’x1′ trench, removing all the dirt, sifting it for rocks and to break up the clods, and replacing the dirt, alternating layers of alfalfa to create better drainage of my adobe brick urban soil. This will be the new bed for my corn seed, which I will plant later today. I had a little help with that.

Hope you had a great Mother’s Day! Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. MaryZ says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Kaye. My gift was buying shrubs at Lowes, and Anna planted them for me. A true gift of the heart. I had tried to grow a butterfly garden. The butterfly bushes did great, but none of the perennials survived. So I added more butterfly bushes, an oak-leaf hydrangea, and a viburnum. It will now become a butterfly hedge–I hope.

  2. Your nasturtiums look beautiful. I misplace the packet of seeds (Just found it today) so didn’t plant them. BTW the green leaves have a spicy taste and are good in salad and the flowers are very pretty and edible on a cake or decorating a salad.
    I have earwigs on my roses and have learned to put the fresh cut roses in the sink to rinsew them off. Love the way you dress for gardening. I seem to end up doing it while still in a suit and heels. As Edna St. Vincent Millay said “She digs in her garden with a shovel and a spoon and weeds her lazy lettuce by the light of the moon.

    • Thanks, Angela! Nasturtiums are beautiful, grow fast, but they can take over. I’ve pulled out more than I ever planted. As long as you can keep them under control, they are great. I’ve only tried eating the flowers. I found earwigs on my new basil seedling that I bought at the store and haven’t planted, two of them! Thank you about the clothing! But, I am getting tired of the same four shirts and may have to spring for another! I LOVE that quote! Thanks for watching and reading! – Kaye

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