Keeping the Balls in the Air

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I’m having a little trouble keeping the balls in the air. Now that I have taken to Vlogging (like blogging, but on video), my blog has taken a hit. Today is Memorial Day, and I’ll try to brief you on my comings and goings these last few weeks!

In late April, I left the Late Bloomer garden, planted for summer and in satisfactory condition (see Episode 88)  in the hands of my once-a-week helper, Eric, and my hubs Dan to water. I spent a week in Tennessee, my home base, visiting my mother, family (see “To Parts East” – Parts 1-5″), and visiting a new friend, Gladys, in her garden paradise (see Part 3)Then, I hit the road in my rental car and visited three fans of Late Bloomer, Charles in Northern Alabama for lunch, a ride on his tractor and a tour of his garden, (Part 6)Charles is known as Old Alabama Gardener (OAG) on his YouTube channel and is warm, energetic, generous with information, and passionate about gardening.

Keeping the Balls in the Air - Kaye & Paula

Kaye with Paula in her new mountain garden in Blue Ridge, GA

Then, a long drive over to Blue Ridge, GA, to meet Paula (who has recently relocated from Florida) from Gardening with Puppies channel, where I toured her new mountain garden and spent a stormy night. It was like I had known Paula all my life. We became instant old friends! Please check out her garden in Part 13. (Technical problems forced this video to be out of order in the playlist.)

The next afternoon, I drove due north to Sue Ann’s (Part 7), who binge-watched all of Late Bloomer in a day, about 60 episodes at that time. Sue Ann and I got to work fighting aphids and potting up her peppers. She’s big into fermenting and I got to taste a few things. Don’t miss! I drove on to my brother’s in Abingdon, VA, that night and over the next two days filmed two school gardens (Part 8 & Part 9), a farm-to-table restaurant (Harvest Table, Part 10)Hungry Mother State Park (Part 11), then hit the road to friends in Northern VA and MD for a night.

Keeping the Balls in the Air - Kaye & Sharon

Saying goodbye for now to Sharon Carson in Delmar, DE

On to meet and visit Sharon Carson of Sharon’s Natural Gardens, in Delmar, DE for three days where I filmed five vlogs (start with Part 1). Sharon’s homestead, old-world lifestyle and offerings are not to be missed. I left with seeds, plants and a headful of information about gardening. I hastily added Pittsburgh onto my tour back East and made the long drive over in a rainstorm, but it was so worth it! I visited Phipps Conservatory Botanical Garden, saw old friends, and their steep, 3 1/2-tiered terrace garden, took in a play (I love Pittsburgh! See Part 20!) and got to meet my fan Sher Fischer of Sher Garden and visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Sher does not have a YouTube channel, so be sure to see her hillside and hilltop garden and her magnificent greenhouse in Part 22 and find her on Facebook and get her instructions for making your own calendula moisturizer!

Keeping the Balls in the Air - Kaye & Sher

Kaye with Sher Fischer in her custom greenhouse in Coraopolis, PA

Meantime, I filmed three vlogs in Palo Alto, CA last weekend, which will be coming this week. And there’s my amazing summer garden to share when I catch my breath. I went all out this summer with my biggest endeavor yet. But it will be awhile before I can catch my breath, because I’m off to Phoenix on Saturday to meet my fan Jacq Davis and see her and hub’s amazing desert garden Epic Yard Farm, and meet Jake the Vegan Athlete, who has a fantastic garden just next door.

It promises to be a jam-packed three days, so I hope you will stay with Late Bloomer, as I share stories of beautiful gardens and amazing gardeners! Keeping the balls in the air will be challenging, but fun!

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