100% Homegrown Soup

| September 20, 2015 | 2 Replies

100% Homegrown Soup was dinner last night. I had returned late the night before from a week away and the refrigerator was empty, but the garden was full.

100% Homegrown Soup - harvest

Morning harvest – September 19th

Being a 20-minute cook, soup seemed the easiest dinner to make. This is the first time I’ve made soup entirely from my homegrown produce.

100% Homegrown Soup - cowpeas

Fresh shelled Creams cowpeas


First, I started with 2 pint jars of my canned tomatoes from 2014, and added a cup of filtered water to that. Here are the other ingredients which I added in this order:

Kaye’s 100% Homegrown Soup

2 pints canned tomatoes, plus 1 c. filtered water

2 sliced green onions

1 clove minced garlic

2 chopped sweet peppers: Aruba Hybrid & Sweet Apple

1 jalapeno medium chopped fine

2 large peppermint tomatoes diced

1 1/2 c. shelled Creams cowpeas

3 large chard stalks chopped, leaves removed

3 leaves Purple Ruffles Basil, loosely sliced

chard leaves loosely chopped

salt to taste

Add all ingredients to a 2 quart pot, stir, bring gently to a boil. Cook until all ingredients are added, plus about five minutes. Makes about 6 servings.


100% Homegrown Soup - bowl of soup

Kaye’s Homegrown Soup

Have you made dishes 100% homegrown? Please share! Thanks for reading and be sure to subscribe. – Kaye

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  1. Hi Kaye ,
    When we first talked about you visiting last spring, I said to myself
    ‘I should plant some creames in her honor since that Is how we became aquainted.’i ENDED UP PLANTING A 75 FT TRELLIS FULL . I ended up cooking an entire gallon of last years seed and freezing some and giving some away to be made into hummus and making a soup for when you visited . It also had a couple of other heirloom lima beans that I grow(Dr Martins and Worchester Indian red pole limas in it as well as chicken and stock from one of our Freedom Ranger chickens I raised and a few fresh herbs including fresh bay and celery. . The cremes shared the trellis with bitter melon, sun sugar tomatoes and the lima beans. I just love growing on a trellis .I have 6 of them over 75 ft long using livestock fencing for the wire .
    From the looks of your soup you are a good soup maker .. Something about fall weather has me tuning into the kitchen . Beans, especially heritage heirloom beans are so special and keep for years providing great protein and fiber as well as soil fertility. I do hope one day I will get to feed you in my kitchen! :)Sharon

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