Corn, What’s Not to Love?

| August 31, 2015 | 4 Replies

Corn, What’s Not to Love? Growing Corn in a Raised Bed is the new episode of Late Bloomer. I only committed my 4’x8′ raised bed to corn this year, and really packed it in. See the results! Watch on YouTube, and please give me a thumbs up and share with friends.

Corn, What's Not to Love? - corn in husk

Perfect ear of bi-color corn

It’s a lot of effort to grow corn for what you get, one to two ears per stalk, but I always plant it. I love watching it shoot out of the ground, get tall, and the tassels waving in the wind. But, I especially like to eat it fresh, whether fresh out of the husk or straight into a pot, there’s nothing fresher than growing your own. Select a variety that’s right for your growing zone, add a lot of rich compost and let the genes in the seed do the rest.

If you’ve had trouble with pollination, be sure to watch as I share some tips!

Corn? What's Not to Love? - ripe ear

Ear of corn almost too ripe

Corn, what’s not to love? I don’t love when I don’t choose the most perfect day to pick my corn, which you will see in this episode! I hope you enjoy Growing Corn in a Raised Bed and stay tuned for a big two-part August Update in just over a week. If you are a big fan of Late Bloomer, consider making a donation to keep the episodes coming. Many thanks, and happy gardening! – Kaye


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  1. I have always loved corn . You can tell you have farming in your blood Kaye . As I a child, I weeded and hand shucked acres of field corn as well as made those corn teepees you see in Amish fields . I used to take my pony out with a rope and drag bundles of stalks up to the barn to feed the cows in the winter . I have saved seed from many corn varieties over the years in my search for the best OP variety of sweet corn . In the early 70s, I hand shucked 5 acres of blue corn for a native man in trade for a truck load of the corn which I sold for a plane ticket home from NEW Mexico . Many corn memories . I will have to feed you some of my frozen corn when you visit!:)Sharon

    • Corn, the basis of life for many native peoples. What great memories, Sharon! I look forward to it! Just let me get three more episodes done so I can get out of here in 9 days. YIKES!

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you have ever grown popcorn. I would like to try but I am a newbie at it. Thanks

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