Two 20-minute Farm Box Recipes

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I thought you might enjoy two 20-minute farm box recipes. If you follow Late Bloomer, you know that I am a 20-minute cook. Recipes that take longer and are complicated I leave to the professionals! So, I’m always interested in creating tasty, FAST, home-prepared meals on the Fridays I receive my farm box.

Two 20-minute Farm Box Recipes - figs

Mission figs

There is no way I can grow year round on 300 square feet (committed to edibles) and feed my family. What I grow must be supplemented by a box of veggies from a local farm, from my farmer’s market, or my local coop food market. I am a busy gal, so, for convenience, I subscribe to CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) Farm Fresh to You and receive a customized box of organic food twice per month.

Two 20-minute Farm Box Recipes - shishito peppers

Shishito sweet peppers

Because I have customized my box, I have put a little thought (not much!) into what I might make with what arrives. This week, fresh garbanzo beans (or chickpeas) were offered. I’ve never even SEEN fresh garbanzo beans, but I regularly buy raw hummus, so I thought I’d give my own hummus a try. It turned out GREAT!

Kaye’s Raw Hummus


1 lb. fresh raw garbanzo beans, peeled was just over a cup

1 small cayenne pepper, seeds removed, chopped

1 glove fresh garlic, minced

1/4 cup cilantro leaves, chopped

2 heaping tablespoons raw Tahini

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

optional, splash of fresh lemon juice

salt to taste


Pour olive oil into blender or food processor. Add beans, garlic, cayenne and Tahini.

Tahini is a great source of essential fatty acids, and is an essential component in hummus. I buy this one.

Blend to desired smoothness. Add cilantro and salt, blend again for a few seconds. Serve with veggies or chips.

Cayenne and garlic grown in the Late Bloomer garden.

Total prep = 10-15 minutes

Two 20-minute Farm Box Recipes - Hummus

Kaye’s Fresh Raw Hummus


My farm box always comes with a featured recipe. This week it was Gypsy Pepper Rice Pilaf. I made a modified version of this recipe and gave it my own twist. I substituted shishito peppers left over from my previous farm box, as well as, my rice was 2/3 sprouted basmati rice and 1/3 Forbidden Rice from Lotus Foods. Forbidden rice is black so, combined with the mission figs in this week’s box, gives the dish a beautiful color.

Two 20-minute Farm Box Recipes - pilaf

Kaye’s Rice Pilaf with Figs

Total prep = 20 minutes, add cooking time for rice 

I used the same directions, but after the rice was in the serving dish, spooned in 4 mission figs each cut into 8 pieces. Admittedly, the cilantro fought with the sweetness of the figs and I would recommend the herbs rosemary or thyme instead, and add those to the rice in the beginning so the flavor permeates.

A taste-tempting recipe I just found for chili lovers is for this taco soup with charred corn and peppers from Jen Reviews! Nothing is better than fresh ingredients in your home cooking, so give it a try!

20 minute farm box recipes - taco

Taco Soup

Please let me know if you try these recipes, and don’t forget to subscribe and share Late Bloomer with a friend! Thanks! – Kaye


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