Harvest those carrots!

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Harvest those carrots! See Kaye harvest about 15 pounds of carrots from her raised bed in “Harvesting Carrots,” episode 68 of Late Bloomer. Kaye talks about thinning, and what happens when you don’t thin, protection from raccoons, carrots bolting, and the importance of even watering. Don’t miss this episode!

Harvest those carrots!

Straight carrot over bowl of 15 pounds of carrots

Harvest those carrots! - carrots entwined

Carrots entwined

For the most part, I document what goes on in the Late Bloomer garden. If there are other topics you’d like to see on Late Bloomer web series and blog, please let me know, and if my resources allow, I will attempt to cover it. My goal is to inspire anyone to grow their own food. Thanks for reading, and please share with a friend. – Kaye

Order Carrot Seeds! - rainbow

Stock up on Carrot Seeds!

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