Morning Impressions

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Morning impressions at sunrise on pest roundup. Click here for 18 photos shot this morning from 6:31 to 7:33AM. Everything looks better at sunrise (except maybe pests, LOL).

Late Bloomer Lesson: Be Observant

Morning Impressions - snail

Small brown snail found on native gem corn at 6:31AM

You can only manage what you can see, so take a good look early in the morning. There were at least seven snails on the corn, tomato suck bugs on tomatoes, moths flying around trying to settle for the day, ants, milkweed bugs, extra tiny green bugs on the back of tomatillo leaves, and no doubt more pests doing damage to my edibles. Lots of pests do their dirty work during the night, so dawn is the best time to learn what’s going on, before they have found a hiding place for the day.

Morning Impressions - fungi

Fungi popping up at the base of a tomato plant

Mycelium put up fruiting bodies which often last for a few hours, and dry up and shrivel in the heat of the day, another reason to visit your garden at sunrise!

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What are your morning garden impressions? Thanks for looking! Happy gardening and please share with a friend. – Kaye


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