Interview with Modern Cowboy, my Son

| June 19, 2015 | 3 Replies

Interview with Modern Cowboy, my Son – The latest offering on Late Bloomer | Urban Organic Garden Show is an interview I recorded with my son in Pescadero, California, two weeks ago. Combined with photos I’ve taken over three trips to TomKat Ranch, my sound editor Christina Horgan, created a slideshow to accompany the podcast, which is also available on SoundCloud.

Interview with Modern Cowboy, my Son

Kaye Kittrell & Walker Kehrer at TomKat Ranch

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I interview my son, Stanford-educated tennis player, now a modern day cowboy in this slideshow. All images copyright ©Kaye Kittrell 2015. Walker discusses how he chose to go into a life of sustainable cattle ranching after Stanford and a USTA Junior tennis career. This interview is on SoundCloud as a podcast.

If you enjoy this interview and would like to hear more interviews from farmers and ranchers, please let me know. Here’s a breakdown of the interview:

:16 – Quote from Kevin Watt, Integrated Land & Livestock Manager TomKat Ranch
1:03 – Walker discusses how he chose to go into ranching from Stanford
1:35 – Walker was influenced by mom creating the Late Bloomer Garden
2:00, 11:42 – Walker Stanford Men’s Tennis
2:20 – Quote from Mike Giannini, Land & Livestock Manager TomKat Ranch
7:00 -What it takes to be a rancher
7:30 – Repairing a pipe
8:50 – Grassland management can mitigate climate change
9:19 – Quote from Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms
10:20 – Stanford Sigma Chi Seniors 2013
13:38 – Walker discusses working with Half Moon Bay High School Future Farmers of America students with the educational outreach of TomKat Ranch
19:50 – Walker discusses the correlation between ranching and farming
20:10 – Rotational grazing strategies
23:00 – The nutrition in grass is at the top
25:30 – Be observant to what the animals are telling you

“Late Bloomer” follows Kaye journey to grow food in her Los Angeles front yard and exists to inspire anyone to grow their own food. “I hope you enjoy this slideshow and share with friends and help me grow ‘Late Bloomer.’ Your comments are welcome. Thanks for all your support!”

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  1. Fine son you have there Kaye! So cool he got his inspiration from you and your Urban Garden!

    • Thanks, Scott, much appreciated. I think he’s more attracted to the wild outdoor work life than growing plants, but I hope there is a shift at some point. And I hope more young people find growing food sustainably attractive.

    • How are you? Haven’t heard from you in a long time. How did your project/experiment go? I think I recall you did not get your funding. I am, for the first time, reaching out to fans of Late Bloomer to raise funds for Season 6. If there is enough support, I will keep going. Happy Holidays!

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