Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1

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Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 – What happens when you don’t plant a winter garden? The self-seeders take over. Kaye gets a start on transforming the winter garden for summer in this episode of “Late Bloomer.” First, we get a look at all the self-seeders, primarily Borage, Nasturtium, Corn Daisy, Wild Arugula and German Chamomile.

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - Nasturtium

Nasturtium, colorful and wild, takes over

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - German Chamomile

German Chamomile Blooms and Bugs

For not planting an official winter garden, Kaye finds quite a few winter veggies on this quick tour.

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - tomatoes

The last of the over-wintered cherry tomatoes

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - peas

The last of the sweet peas & green onion

The last section covers a quick look at four first steps, harvesting vegetables and challenging Kaye’s friend Mozghan and her daughter Neeka to create a dish, or dishes. She created a thick stew and garden salad, served with fresh chamomile flower tea.

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - stew

Winter Garden Stew

Late Bloomer Winter Garden Stew

Freshly-harvested Ingredients

sweet peas

rainbow beet tops, leaves & stems separated

green garlic, chopped fine

green onion, chopped

overwintered cherry tomatoes, halved

2 tbl. olive oil or coconut oil & 1 tsp. of butter

salt & pepper to taste

fresh herbs

1 tsp. brown rice vinegar


Over medium heat, add the olive or coconut oil and butter to melt. Add onion, cook till translucent, about three minutes, add chopped garlic bulb and greens, cook another

two minutes, or so. While that’s cooking separate the beet leaves from the stems and chop stems. Add stems, and stir to keep from sticking.

Add shelled sweet peas, then, tomatoes, keep stirring.  While that cooks, loosely slice beet top leaves and add to mixture. Cook another five minutes.

Add a little water if needed, or desired, for consistency. Season to taste. Add chopped fresh herbs of your choice. Just before serving, stir in the vinegar. Served with steamed sweet potatoes and quinoa.


Fresh Winter Garden Salad

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - salad herbs

Edible flowers, arugula and green garlic for Fresh Garden Salad

Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1 - salad recipe

Garden Salad Recipe

Wrapping up the makeover, replace and reposition boards of “Back 40,” remove runaway borage plant, clean up Kaye’s staging area and more. I hope you enjoy the first installment of Extreme Garden Makeover Day 1. Stay tuned to Day 2! Please share with a friend. Thanks for your support!


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