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Grow Borage to Attract Bees! Order borage seeds below! Watch a new episode of Late Bloomer, and find out why borage is great to include in your garden, from it’s edible and medicinal properties to it’s bee magnetism! Please watch on YouTube and share with friends. With original music by Jon Pileggi.

I don’t know why, but about 5% of blooms are pink instead of blue, but the bees love them both. This bee approached, landed and began foraging as I was holding the stem in the process of photographing the pink flower!

Grow Borage to Attract Bees - Late Bloomer - #62

Honeybee landing on pink borage bloom while I’m holding it!

Click photo to ORDER heirloom and organic heirloom BORAGE SEEDS from Botanical Interests.

With free standard shipping of orders over $40 through April, there’s no better time to order borage and other flower seeds from Botanical Interests, a family-owned company celebrating their 20th year. Click photo, or Shop Now! button to order. Grow borage to attract bees in your garden!

Grow Borage to Attract Bees - Late Bloomer - #62

Click photo to order Organic Heirloom Borage Seed

While you are there, check out  their new Butterfly Collection of seeds to attract more pollinators to your garden! Thanks for your support! – Kaye

Grow Borage to Attract Bees - Buy now

I receive a small commission for promoting products I’ve used and believe in. Your support of these products helps me to continue to produce “Late Bloomer” episodes to inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Click on links or photos to order products! Thank you!

Help me inspire people to grow their own food and take control over their food security. Your donation of any amount makes “Late Bloomer” possible and available for anyone.


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  1. lisa lynn says:

    I love borage and I love honeybees 🙂 How nice to have a little visitor while you were snapping photos!

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