Purchase Easy Seed Sprouter & Seeds!

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Have fresh greens in winter with Easy Seed Sprouting! Are you aching to get in your garden, but the weather won’t let you? One way to have nutrition at your fingertips all year long is to sprout! I admit, I was intimidated by the idea of sprouting (well, I’m a late bloomer and lots of things still intimidate me about growing my own food), until I picked up my Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter. With its easy-to-follow instruction booklet, you will be eating fresh sprouts in days.

Purchase Easy Seed Sprouter & Seeds!

Have Fresh Greens all Winter with Easy Seed Sprouting!

Fresh sprouts from my sprouter – Click to order sprouter

Do you need seeds for sprouting? Botanical Interests has put together a handy starter collection of organic seeds for sprouting including alfalfa, radish, fenugreek, mung bean, sandwich mix, and broccoli. Broccoli sprouts in particular are loaded nutrients that can help treat and prevent disease. Some say you would have to eat 10 times as much broccoli to get the same amount of nutrients as broccoli sprouts!

Check out my first experience growing sprouts with my sprouter. Click here.

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Have Fresh Greens in Winter with Easy Seed Sprouting! Purchase Easy Seed Sprouter & Seeds. Please let me know if you try the sprouter! And if you are just starting to garden, download my free ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden” from the subscription box. Many thanks for your support. – Kaye


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