Growing Peppers – Part 1: Sowing, Potting, Pests, Harvest

| January 30, 2015 | 6 Replies

Growing Peppers – Part 1: Sowing, Potting, Pests, Harvest is the latest episode of “Late Bloomer.” Kaye takes us through her entire experience of managing 28 pepper plants in her small urban garden. This is the first time Kaye covers growing a vegetable seed to seed, so make sure to subscribe, so you will be notified when Part 2 is online.

Growing Peppers - Part 1: Sowing, Potting, Pests, Harvest - Kaye's peppers

Colorful sweet and hot pepper October harvest

Kaye’s Special Plant Mix for Containers

1/3 Fine Orchid Bark, sifted through 1/2″ wire screen

1/3 Perlite

1/3 combination of biodynamic compost, worm castings, organic potting mix

Organic Vegetable Food

Agricultural Lime

Peppers, as do most plants, need good drainage in pots. I got the basic version of this mix from my garden pal, Josh, and add biodynamic compost (or other well-rotted compost) and worm castings in for good measure. If you are filling a few pots, mix up your batch in a wheelbarrow and moisten it well and let it sit at least overnight, if you can, and let it rest.

I hope you enjoy this episode and share with friends. What are your favorite pepper varieties to grow and what zone are you in? Comments welcome! Stay tuned for Part 2! Thanks! – Kaye

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  1. Hi Kaye ,
    My favorite peppers are (OP & heirloom)Golden Treasures, Yellow Doe Hill, Fish Hot peppers , and Big Jim Chili peppers . I never have aphids in my gardens except on an old rose . I do get them now and then in the greenhouse . This is probably beacuse of the years of adding large amounts of well aged compost . Peppers seem to do best on a soil like completely rotted alfalfa hay. Do not give them too much nitrogen or they will get huge but not give you fruit . Peppers like Fish or Yellow doe Hill will do fine in the size pots you use but the bigger plantsl need a rich, well composted soil in a 5 gallon bucket .I had Golden Treasures last year shoulder high loaded with fruit(from that pile of rotted hay a few years ago ) . You will be amazed at the difference. They also love hot weather and lots of light . IF they are well grown the leaves should prevent sun scald . :)Sharon

    • I don’t know any of those varieties, Sharon, but I’m a newbie to peppers. I have some alfalfa but it is not rotted. How long does it take to rot? A year? Seems like alfalfa would be intense nitrogen? Maybe not after it rots. I will pick up some 5 gallon cloth pots this year, but how do you know if it’s going to get big enough for a 5 gallon? Yeah, I can’t do much about the hot weather, other than to plant them at my neighbor’s. She has afternoon light. I need my own farmland! 🙂

  2. Charles Gummer says:

    Have you ever considered buying Ladybugs when you have a large number of aphids?

    • Yes, and I’ve done it a few times Charles. They definitely help, but can’t make a dent in the aphid population, though, and after awhile they go. I usually have a handful but when there are probably 100K to a million just in one garden, it’s just too much. Ladybugs are about $9 a pint container here, so I could buy one of those every week and it wouldn’t be enough. Other methods are needed. Thanks so much for watching and following Late Bloomer!

  3. Ha Hoang says:

    I LOVE your videos, especially the bloopers. I think it adds a nice touch! I hope you continue to make these awesome videos. Oh Where do you buy your DE for seed starting? I like the idea of not having to buy a bunch of bags of start mix. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ha! I buy it at Autozone, an auto parts chain of stores in Los Angeles. It’s called Absorbent, and you can get a 25lb. bag for $8. It’s used as an absorbent, but it’s 100% DE. Thanks so much for watching and if you have a friend who would benefit from Late Bloomer, please share. We need to get the whole world growing their own food and take back our food security. Many thanks!!

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