Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard

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“Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard” is the latest and 50th episode of “Late Bloomer!” Kaye shows the growth of her parkway native mini-meadow over the course of a year. Soil health, biodiversity (providing food for wildlife) and water conservation are three reasons to create a meadow in your urban garden. And the best reason, if you plan it right, is you get to look at gorgeous flowers for most of the year!

Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard - Aster

Flowers of Aster ‘Blue Haze’ which spreads by rhizome

Plants and seeds came from Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden’s non-profit retail nursery Grow Native Nursery in the the Veteran’s Garden in Westwood, Kaye’s one stop for California native plants.

Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard - Clarkia

Clarkia ‘Farewell to Spring’

Some plants propagate by rhizome, some drop seeds. Native plants have a natural cycle, and some are annuals and some are perennials.

Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard - Poppy

California Poppy

I hope this episode inspires you to Grow a Native Meadow in Your Yard. In addition to reaching 50 episodes, “Late Bloomer” recently passed another milestone, over 1000 YouTube subscribers, with over 100,000 views! Become a subscriber today and help “Late Bloomer” to grow. If you are a beginning gardener, subscribe at this site and download the FREE ebook “10 Steps to a Great First Garden,” with lots of time-saving tips and helpful links. Thanks for watching, reading, sharing and subscribing. I hope this information is helpful and I would love to hear from you. Post your meadow photo on Facebook, or find us on Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ – Kaye



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