Winter Garden Update 2014

| April 28, 2014 | 6 Replies

Winter Garden Update 2014 is long overdue! It’s been since December 7th since we checked in. Get an update on Kaye’s front yard garden, watch the joy and excitement of two young girls visiting and harvesting vegetables, and don’t miss the bloopers! Editor Megan Oldfield does a great job with my blooper reel each episode. Original music by Jon Pileggi.

Winter Garden Update-cabbage

Red Acre Cabbage in the Winter Garden

Teaching kids where food comes from is one of my missions in the Late Bloomer Garden. In March, I had a special visit to the winter garden from Lily Grace and her sister Ali.

Winter Garden Update-Lily

Lily Grace with her basket of Late Bloomer winter vegetables

According to Erin Brown, who writes for the Science Now blog at the Los Angeles Times, “Brown widow spiders ‘taking over’ in Southern California.” Watch out for them!

Winter Garden Update-spider

Brown widow spider had built a web inside a F1 Veronika cauliflower

So much blooms in the winter garden! Please check out all the photos!

Winter Garden Update-cyclamen

Cyclamen blooming

Please watch and share! And subscribe to Late Bloomer on YouTube. Comments welcome. Thanks for your support! What’s growing in your garden? What are your pest challenges and how are you resolving them? Please let me know. Happy gardening! – Kaye





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  1. lisa lynn says:

    Congratulations! Great job!

  2. lisa lynn says:

    Your garden looks awesome!

  3. Marcia Rosen says:

    How wonderful that Lillie Grace and Ali Sage could spend time doing such fun and lovely things and Late Bloomer Show. Of course I think they are great kids learning wonderful ways things grow.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Kaye – it is an honor to be part of such a beautiful show and learn so much about gardening in the process. We are big fans and hope to be invited back sometime!! Thanks – great job on filming, directing us and editing!!

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