Living Sustainably in Tennessee

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“Living Sustainably in Tennessee” is the new episode from “Late Bloomer.” On a trip home to Tennessee in March, I drove to East Tennessee to visit a Century Farm and interview fifth generation owner Mary and husband Scott, now retired from the corporate life and living the sustainable life. They were kind enough to share their story with me.

Living Sustainably in Tennessee-barn

Original barn at Landhaven

Mary grows food, cans, crafts, saves rainwater, makes her own detergent, and bread! And Scott is chief maintenance officer and carpenter. And both are stewards of the 140 acre tree farm. What I could do with so much space! I have 300 square feet to grow food! Of course, it’s a lot colder than sunny Southern California. In fact, it was so cold our lips were numb, haha! I enjoyed good food and company and can’t wait to visit again, like, in September, when they go up on the mountain and get apples.

Living Sustainably in Tennessee

Century Farm designation on barn

Please watch till the end and enjoy the bloopers (I always include bloopers!!), the frog animation by Mika Tanisaki and original music by Jon Pileggi. Please share with friends, and share your stories of sustainability here and at Late Bloomer Show on Facebook. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it!

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