Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs

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Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs completes Season 2 of Late Bloomer, my urban garden web show chronicling my growth as a food gardener. I started from scratch two years ago!

Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs

Kaye Kittrell in the Late Bloomer Garden, next morning

With original music by Jon Pileggi, a quick tour of the late December garden during a rare rain shower reveals a large selection of cool season vegetables, albeit a little behind in development. I started late, which is the result of using all available growing area in my yard, over and over from season to season. It takes a lot of planning to have the next season seedlings ready to plant when you pull out the last of the last season. I still have a lot to learn! Growing food is the education of a lifetime!

Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs-cabbage

Kaye inspects potted cabbage plants for cabbageworm

And we find some garden friends, a family of sparrows and a few of my 27 Monarch caterpillars.

Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs-monarch

Monarch Caterpillar, 5th Instar, on Milkweed Leaf

Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs

White-crowned Sparrows Feeding & Singing

2013 was the driest year on record for Los Angeles, so the biggest takeaway from the episode is to appreciate your rainwater and conserve it if you are in dry areas. I will be getting a rain barrel in January, so my capture method will surely improve.

Rainy Day with Sparrows & Monarchs-rain

2013 Driest Year on Record in Los Angeles

Come back for Season 3, when we will cover parkway gardening in Los Angeles, take a trip up to Stanford University to discover the connections between student dining, the on-campus farm and the sustainable agriculture program, and much more.

Season 3 can only happen with your support, so please share with friends and help me to grow “Late Bloomer!”

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PS – I am now using voile fabric (from the fabric store) instead of garden row cover cloth to protect against flying pests laying eggs on my brassicas. Not being able to see through the fabric was frustrating, and the voile I can stay on top of watering needs and problems arising. It costs more, but, it’s worth it. It comes in a variety of colors and I chose red for the holidays!


Red voile to protect brassicas against flying pests laying eggs


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  1. lisa lynn says:

    I’m so glad to see your Monarch caterpillar! I haven’t seen any out here where we live in at least 2 years. 🙁

    Gardening is one of those things that you never stop learning…if you think you know it all, then nature just hasn’t thrown you any curve balls lately!

    Happy gardening and thanks for sharing your garden with us! I’m so jealous of your cabbages right now…with 2 feet of snow on the ground. 🙂

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