Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Wrap-up

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Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Wrap-up covers the resolution of Kaye’s big mildew on cucurbits (squash, pumpkin, melons, cucumber) after a visit to friend Dorothy’s squash patch in the 20 degree hotter San Fernando Valley, plus seeding and planting her third winter garden.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Wrap-up-Dorothy

Kaye and Dorothy in her squash patch

When the goldfinches have had their fill of the amaranth, the area of the garden beside the new fence gets a makeover. Non-toxic sprays are used for mildew, but, it’s too late in the season for a rebound.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Wrap-up-melon vines

Melon vines depleted from mildew

More fab photos of insects, including a Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle!

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Wrap-up-ladybeetle

Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle on Strawberry Leaf

Kaye plants a cover crop of buckwheat on the Back 40 to replace nitrogen from growing corn there this summer.

Late Bloomer-SummerGarden Wrap-up-buckwheat

Kaye with bed of buckwheat sprouts on Back 40

Aphids, cabbageworms and mildew add up to a challenging end to Kaye’s summer garden, but the effort is worth it. Growing food is the education of a lifetime! Don’t miss the Goldfinch Duo, Burns & Allen, at the end!

For non-toxic bug spray, see this post.

With original music by Jon Pileggi. Come back for “Parkway Gardening” when I finish up Season 2!

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