Late Bloomer – Arts & Ag – Part 1 – Episode 29

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Late Bloomer – Arts & Ag – Part 1 – Episode 29 covers Kaye’s visit to Hickman County, Tennessee, over Memorial Day weekend. From locally grown foods and live music to handmade goods, the Arts & Ag Tour had it all! Part 1 begins with a quick stop into Wild Duck Soup Emporium on the public square in Centerville, where Kaye met local farmer, Stu Conant.

Late Bloomer-Arts&Ag-Part 1

Kaye with local farmer Stu Conant-Arts&Ag

Then, we get a glimpse of the three gals whose idea it was to promote the do-it-yourself, grow your own spirit of Hickman County with an annual Memorial Day weekend Arts & Ag Tour. Local photographer Cindy Sarlo was hot on my trail shooting gorgeous stills. See her shots of the tour here.

Late Bloomer - Arts & Ag - Part 1

Antonia Meadors, Vanessa Davis, Nicole Lewis-Arts & Ag

Then, we are off to Betty’s Organic Bee Garden to meet late blooming beekeeper Betty Harvill-Heinz and her daughters Mary Jane and Nancy Harvill, who, distressed about the bee population decline, attended a beekeeping workshop in 2011, and decided to jump in.

Mother & Daughter Beekeepers, Betty Harvill-Heinz, Mary Jane & Nancy Harvill, Betty's Organic Bee Garden, Arts & Ag

Mother & Daughter Beekeepers, Betty Harvill-Heinz, Mary Jane & Nancy Harvill, Betty’s Organic Bee Garden, Arts & Ag

Learn about beekeeping from these enthusiastic beekeepers. Betty is introducing her new organic bee honey candy soon, so check back for updates! There’s tons more to see in parts 2 and 3, so come on back!

Late Bloomer - Arts & Ag- Part 1

Betty Harvill-Heinz, Beekeeping at 85, “If I can do it, you can do it!”

Thanks for watching! And plan to visit Hickman County next Memorial Day. Can’t wait? Check out the Harvest Market, October 19, 10-6, at Grinder’s Switch Winery.

Late Bloomer-Arts&Ag-Part 1-Harvest Market

Arts & Ag Harvest Market, Oct. 19, 10-6

Please share with friends, and if you are thinking about starting your first food garden, download my FREE ebook! Have you visited any locally grown events in your area? Please share! – Kaye

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  1. I enjoyed the great video clip and supporting photos throughout.

  2. antonia meadors says:

    Terrific episode, Kaye!! Thanks a million for highlighting Hickman County’s Arts & Ag Tour and Wild Duck Soup Emporium!! The Harvills will be so thrilled to see this episode too. Hope you can make it to the second annual Harvest Market this fall!

  3. Mary Jane Harvill says:

    Woo-hoo! I just watched Arts and Ag, part one, episode 29. What fun! You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of the day and editing it into an interesting segment. I look forward to viewing more like this one. Thank you for helping to get the good news about our county out there. — Mary Jane

    • Thanks, Mary Jane! You and Nancy and Betty are an inspiration, and I hope millions of people see this and do something about saving the bees. Please subscribe to by adding your name in the box for the free ebook, so you won’t miss an episode. Also check out Episode 28, shot in Bon Aqua. Thank you! – Kaye

  4. Andy says:

    Awesome and entertaining for sure!! great story about mother and daughter and three ladies that started Arts and Ag!! very inspiring!!
    i would love to see more and can you pls make it a longer video!! would enjoy @ least another few minutes of your videos!! 🙂

    • I’ll have to talk to my editor, Andy! She’s always telling me I should keep them to five minutes, which is almost impossible for me! My next two episodes (after ARts & Ag) will be Summer Garden Update, which will be longer. Thanks for watching and writing! – Kaye

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