Late Bloomer – Harvesting Winter Garden Vegetables

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Late Bloomer – Harvesting Winter Garden Vegetables is online! In this fun episode, I harvest snow peas and Swiss Chard (and show a neighbor how to cook it!), Mei Qing Bok Choi (and give it away to neighbors), and an armload of celery for juicing.

Kaye Kittrell in Late Bloomer

Kaye Explains Bolting and Harvests Mei Qing Bok Choi

As if I haven’t said enough about aphids already 🙂 , I commissioned regular “Late Bloomer” motion graphics artist Mika Tanisaki to create a short animation about aphids. Working with 100 year-old illustrations from the Library of Congress, Mika made a age-old garden pest fresh, and fun! With clever sound design by Christina Horgan, “Awful Aphids” is one Late Bloomer you won’t want to miss! Please let me know if you would enjoy more animations in the future. “Late Bloomer” seeks to entertain, enlighten and inspire everyone to grow their own food!

Gray Aphids©Kaye Kittrell

Aphids on Cauliflower Leaf

Also, my camera gets up close and personal with a bee diving for pollen in a bolted broccoli bloom!

Honey Bee©Kaye Kittrell

Honey Bee Dives for Pollen in Broccoli Bloom

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