Winter Garden Fun and Maintenance – Episode 23

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Winter Garden Fun and Maintenance – Episode 23. Kaye weeds nasturtium, harvests carrots and radishes and plants more radish seeds in her front yard vegetable garden, with neighbor Sophia’s help. Kaye plants berry vines in the tubs where the carrots were. Kaye offers a method for fighting against cutworm! Check out this simple tip, sink rings cut from yogurt cups or seedling pots around the seedlings when you plant. Cutworms are less likely to cut the leaves and stems.

Watch Season 2, Episode 3 of “Late Bloomer,” “January Garden Maintenance – Winter Garden Part 3.” If you enjoy this video, or find it helpful, please leave me a comment and share with your friends! And if you are growing your own food, or want to start, download Kaye’s new e-book, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden,” or, everything Kaye has learned in the last year!

Kaye harvests carrots in her winter garden

Kaye harvests carrots in Late Bloomer

Sophia helps plant radish seed in Kaye's garden

Neighbor Sophia helps in the Late Bloomer Garden

Kaye Fights Cutworm in her winter garden

Kaye fights cutworm in her winter garden

Don’t miss the music of new “Late Bloomer” composer Jon Pileggi- Guitarist, Songwriter, Recording Artist!

If you have a question, please leave a comment. It’s never too late to start growing vegetables, I know! Thank you! – Kaye

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