We Were Egged, Drugged, Flood in Haiti, Some Thoughts

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Last night, I was putting away the leftover soup about 10:15 PM, and there was a soft knock at the door. Very strange. I froze. Then another knock. No one knocks on our door after ten o’clock. I ran upstairs and got my husband, and we approached the door. It was a neighbor from the street over and his young daughter, who were out for a late walk and noticed that we’d been egged. A dozen eggs had been hurled at my husband’s car in the driveway, and some in my garden. I grabbed a flashlight, pan of soapy water and a scrub brush, and Dan worked the hose and picked up egg shells, as I scrubbed the car. Egg dries fast and I knew it would be much tougher to get off today. We cleaned up as best we could and went inside scratching our heads, wondering why we were targeted.


Egg on Driveway

This morning, I went out to inspect and found lots of egg matter on the driveway, and more eggshells, and egg goop in a few spots of the garden. This egg felled a branch off of my Golden Sun pepper plant, so this pepper will not fully ripen on the vine.


Broken Pepper Branch with Smashed Egg

Last weekend, my college senior’s cup of wine was apparently drugged and he blacked out and wound up in the E.R. for four hours (three, waiting to be seen, I was told). He was recovering from foot surgery, so it was assumed he might have combined a pain killer with the wine, but he hadn’t taken any since the day after surgery. The E.R. doctor on call did NOT order any blood work! We did not find out till the next day. The doctor has not returned my call inquiring as to why no tests were ordered. He was released. With questions. Why was he targeted? Was he targeted, or was it random? It’s an uneasy feeling.

Thursday night, the skies ripped open and the rains started falling on Cap Haitien, Haiti, and didn’t stop before there was two feet of water everywhere. Cap Haitien had been spared when the earthquake hit Haiti, but, now they have serious trouble. Two years ago, my nephew and his wife, Hunter and Jillian Kittrell, took on the challenge of bringing order to a crumbling institution, a children’s orphanage, the Cap Haitien Children’s Home. Things were looking pretty good before Thursday night. Now, all the order is washed away.

Flood at Cap Haitien Children's Home

An Orphan Looks out over the Play Yard at Cap Haitien Children’s Home, Haiti

Hunter and Jillian are responsible for the lives and well-being of over 50 children, some in diapers. The grounds are flooded, as you will see in the photos on their Facebook page and Jillian’s blog, Life at the Cap Haitien Children’s Home, which I encourage you to check out.

CHCH Flood waters

Girl Stands in Flood Waters at Cap Haitien Children’s Home, Haiti

Jillian is an amazing young woman who’s love for the orphans of Haiti is only surpassed for her love and devotion to God. And, if anyone can keep it together with the challenges facing them now is my nephew, Hunter. They are in the process (it takes years) of adopting a young Haitian girl they fell in love with when they first arrived.

Cap Haitien Children's Home

Hunter, Jillian and Dalencia Kittrell at Cap Haiten Children’s Home

Please, if you are so moved, make a donation by PayPal, or send them much needed items from their Amazon wish list (ship-to address is embedded, so all you have to do is order). Today, Jillian reports that they want to help the old folks home across the street where cholera has broken out. Mosquitos are a huge issue. Please do whatever you can. 100% of your donation will be used to help the orphans and the elderly, and clean up their facilities.

So, back to the question of “Why?” Hunter said one of the boys asked him, when the pouring rain would not cease and the water was rising, where was God, and Hunter said, in his characteristic good humor, “You are not swimming yet. When you are swimming, you ask that question.” Why does someone get their property egged, why does a college student get drugged, why does more devastation hit the poorest country on Earth? All we can do is pick up a brush and some soapy water, and clean up, as best we can, and keep moving forward. And give generously. And it’s a tough time to ask for help for orphans in Haiti, when most of knows someone who’s reeling from the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Please help them if you can, and share their links.

Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. flamidwyfe says:

    Prayers for all of you… I’ll go donate now… Blessings xoxo

  2. Great post Kaye, my thoughts and prayers are with you all

    • Thank you, Dallas! There is no new word from Cap Haitien on their FB page today. That could simply mean the internet is down, or worse. I have your last post here waiting for my first cup of tea today! Can’t wait! – Kaye

  3. akroezen says:

    How terrible!! We were egged in Australia. It wasn’t so much the damage from the eggs that bothered me, but WHY someone would do it….turns out it was just a bunch of kids and it was nothing “personal”. Hope the same for you! And…I don’t know what joy people get out of drugging someone else’s drink. It happened to me in college as well (at a gay nightclub – so I don’t know why I, as a female, was targeted)…and I have an entire 9 hours of my life that I have absolutely no recollection of – it’s a scary thing, and it’s haunted me ever since. I hope your son is alright!
    What amazing, giving, and beautiful family you have! They’ll be in my thoughts!

    • Amy, you are a treasure. Thanks so much for your kind response. Can’t believe this happened to you. I gather it’s pretty common, as I just heard from someone that it happened to a friend’s daughter. I do hope someone took care of you while you were out, as my son’s fraternity brothers did. Love you all, Amy, Dallas and Sandi, what great internet friends I’ve found! Wouldn’t it be cool to plan a get together one of these days (BEFORE you head back to OZ! 🙂 – Kaye

  4. walrissa says:

    Oh my goodness, that is a lot to contend with. If it weren’t for the seriousness of your son’s ER visit and the flood I would be tempted to make light of the egging. Perhaps they really were trying to give you additional nitrogen and shells for slug prevention? Doubtful, or else they just had really poor execution and horrible aim to end up hitting the car instead.

    • Haha, I had just put down crushed egg shells on my celery a couple of days before. Thanks for writing! My son tells me he is feeling well. Thanks so much for your concern!:) – Kaye

  5. oceannah says:

    Kaye, Holding you all in the Light. What a weekend! xoxo

  6. Michael Shaerd says:

    Hi Kaye, I also felt targetted when I found that my car had been egged, but then learned from a neighbor that the whole neighborhood been hit. In general, the development of the emotional wisdom centers in the brains of teenage boys lags behind other regions in their brains, which is why some of them have always and will always vent their frustrations in ways such as this incidence of egging. Our best recourse might be understanding and mirth in the face of their inadequate brain development. 🙂 Mike

  7. Hiking Mama says:

    Oh wow, I hate to hear all of the news from this post…BUT, I want to share with my readers about your niece and nephew’s work and see if we can get them some donations!! I’m so glad you posted about them, I can’t wait to check out their blog/fb page. I will try to get a post up soon to share with everyone.

    • Oh, wow, that would be wonderful! This is Flood Clean-up Day #2, so I’m anxious to hear how it’s going. Everyone was working cooperatively yesterday. Thanks so much! You are such a generous person! 🙂 – Kaye

  8. biggsis says:

    Wow. It’s been a rough week – and especially in Haiti. My brother is an episcopal priest who is involved with a mission there and we’ve just sponsored a child to go to school for a year. Haiti truly has been over-visited by it’s fair share of disasters. God bless your nephew and his wife as they use their gifts to help others.

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