A whole street of Verge Gardens!

| November 7, 2012 | 4 Replies

This story and video from Sydney, Australia, totally justifies all that I have been trying to do in my front yard: grow edibles, create community, and use water on growing food, not a lawn. I hope you will check out what a group of neighbors in Australia, the front line of climate change, is doing to improve their neighborhood and world. And the kids are adorable! Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. I LOVE this; the children are so precious and the work this neighborhood is doing is such gift for them and all of us. Thank you for this, Kaye..must share the good news!!!

    • Yes, Catherine, I wish there was a similar sentiment on my block, but, there is not. It takes work to have a veggie verge (I hadn’t heard that term, that means the parkway between the sidewalk and street) garden, and people are just not willing. – Kaye

      • How sad; I met with a similar response to my front yard garden before we moved to the country…now I can dig a garden anywhere I drop a shovel, but I like the community the Milkwood site depends upon for its success…Hope things will change for you, Kaye!

      • They DO like my garden, they just don’t want to do one themselves. It would be awesome to live on a street like this one in Sydney. – Kaye

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