Kaye’s Tomato Story – Episode 18

| November 3, 2012 | 4 Replies

My tomato episode is online, and I would love for you to watch it and share with friends. It was a long time coming, because, I kept waiting for my tomatoes to finish for this season, but, it’s November 3, and I’ve still got tomatoes growing! Click here, or for better quality, watch on YouTube.

I grow tomatoes for the first time in my first ever, organic urban front yard garden, with guest, James Kenney, wildlife photographer and expert tomato grower! And Linden the Cat makes an appearance.

Thanks for watching! – Kaye

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Category: Late Bloomer Episodes, Vegetables, Warm Season

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  1. Angela M says:

    You never know how many pests exist till u plant a garden.

  2. Loved it watched it last night; had to wait for my Dad to go and change before he would sit down. I did point out that you couldn’t actually see him! He thinks you’re hardcore now because you were planting “toms” in your wet weather gear!

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