Monarch Caterpillar Action

| October 11, 2012 | 6 Replies

Monarch caterpillars, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

You are gentle, and stunningly beautiful;

Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch Caterpillar

You don’t mind sharing a milkweed branch with a sibling;

Monarch Caterpillars on Tropical Milkweed

You can hang upside down, while shedding your skin;

Monarch Caterpillar Shedding Skin

Monarch Caterpillar Shedding Skin

(See those smaller feet it has just shed? This rather blows my mind.)

You are big! Your color is bold and intricate, and you turn into the most beautiful butterflies.

Monarch Caterpillar with Ruler

Monarch Caterpillar with Ruler

You are welcome in my garden any day, along with your adult self, and I will happily provide all the milkweed you can eat. Thanks for stopping by my garden! – Kaye

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  1. Marie Rowe says:

    This is absolutely wonderful, Kaye! Thank you so much for these remarkable photos as well as all your other incredible and life-affirming posts on Late Bloomer. What a gift to all of us!

    You’re the best…and what an amazing photographer you are. What a talent…among many.



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    • Thanks, Marie! It touches my heart to know you are on another continent, yet, we are still connected! I have to say I was a bit contorted trying to get these photos, too. They were all hanging upside down on leaves a foot off the ground. I’m sure I gave my neighbor across the street a good view of my backside, haha. – Kaye

  2. beautiful pics and I love how you honour this caterpillar’s journey in your presence. Walk in beauty!

  3. MaryZ says:

    beautiful creatures! Thanks for nurturing them.

  4. They look very well fed in your garden, Kaye

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