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The days are definitely shortening. I took a break from the computer late yesterday afternoon to pull up a chair in the front garden and just sit and observe. Meditate on where I stand with things. As I sat staring at my tomatoes, an orange butterfly I am seeing more and more in my garden landed on my tomatoes and slowly started pressing it’s wings closed and open. I ran for my camera and shot two frames and it was gone. I learned it is a Gulf Fritillary. Like the Monarch, the larvae are poisonous if eaten, and they feed exclusively on species of passion flower. If I want more of these in my garden, I need to get some passion flowers!

Orange Butterfly - Gulf Fritillary

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

After the sun had gone down, I looked around to see what was new. The Japanese Climbing Cucumber had delivered a lovely suprise.

Japanese Cucumber

Japanese Climbing Cucumber

There’s a fresh set of leaves coming, so I think I can expect more cucumbers! I had all but given up. Trimming off the nasty leaves and adjusting the watering must have given it a boost.

Japanese Climbing Cucumber Leaves

Japanese Climbing Cucumber Leaves

The two new Stupice Heirloom tomato plants have five and two tomatoes, respectively.

Stupice Heirloom Tomato

Stupice Heirloom Tomato

One of my Orange Sun Bell Pepper plants has five nice peppers on it. These last few hot weeks have really helped everything.

Orange Sun Peppers

Unripe Orange Sun Bell Peppers

I’m getting fewer, and smaller, but good tomatoes, with less blossom end rot. You will see my tomato story in my 18th episode of Late Bloomer.

Brandywine Tomato

Brandywine Tomato on Vine

It started to get dark and the nightlights came on. You can see from this shot who rules my garden, spiders!

Nightlight with Spider Webs

Nightlight with Spider Webs

Before the light was all gone, I got my clippers and trimmed dead tomato and watermelon vines and leaves, a few more zucchini leaves that were coated with mildew, and picked some tomatoes, gave a few to neighbors, and headed in as the mosquitoes were starting to bite. What’s still producing in your garden? Do you sit in the garden and meditate? Thanks for dropping by! – Kaye

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  1. Sitting in the garden and meditating, sounds like a good plan for this evening after supper!

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