My Little Meyer Lemon Tree Update

| September 17, 2012 | 10 Replies

My Little Meyer Lemon Tree Update ~ I took Melissa, from Live Love Be Green’s, advice about my little lemon tree, and removed all leaves with mealy bugs. (See “My Little Lemon Tree” for the pests that I found.) I agree it was mealy bug. I disposed of them in the garbage. Then, I mixed up a batch of spray: a few drops of plant-based dish soap, a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar, and for good measure, 2 drops each of peppermint and thyme essential oils (I have no idea if this will do anything, but, it smells nice!) in a large spray bottle of water and sprayed each remaining leaf, front and back. The ants, which were racing all around the cottony puffs of mealy bug, were not happy. Neither was a spider that had spun a web between two lemons. I also removed two sucker branches. This is how it looks now.

My Little Meyer Lemon Tree Update - pruned tree

My Little Meyer Lemon Tree much improved after pruning

If I removed every yellow leaf on the tree, it would be pretty bare, so I left the few without bugs. I would cut back some more of those long sucker branches, but, they have lemons on them. This is the only lemon that’s starting to turn. This is a Meyer Lemon tree. I love Meyer Lemons!

My Little Meyer Lemon Tree Update - green lemon

Meyer lemon ripening on tree

I recently fed the tree and changed the watering schedule, so, fingers crossed! Thanks for stopping by! – Kaye

PS – Update 2014: This little tree has survived two more seasons. You can see the lemons on @latebloomershow on Instagram. It got hit hard with Leaf Miner. See this site for identification and control of citrus leaf miner.

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  1. Sounds as though you were very thorough! I’m sure your little lemon tree is very thankful for all the loving attention you gave it. Checking your tree daily to make sure there is no stragglers that can cause a re-infestation is essential. Keep up this regime frequently if you see any more mealybugs.

    I can’t get over how many lemons it has! Amazing.
    Thanks for the honorable mention too, Kaye.

    • There are 34 on that little tree! I just counted. What’s weird though, is the mealy bugs (or whatever they were) were only on the backs of green leaves. The yellow leaves had no bugs. I was told at the garden store if I gave it a dose of iron, the leaves would green back up. But, that hasn’t happened yet. Thanks! – Kaye

      • I guess mealybugs like the fresh leaves not the oddballs just like we would choose the healthy fresh-looking salad over the discolored one! Mealybugs are great at hiding in spots you wouldn’t normally notice such as the undersides of leaves and the leaf axil.

        34 lemons!!! Wow. I see lemonaide, lemon curd, and/or lemon pie in your future ūüėČ

        Did you apply the iron to the soil or foliage? If the yellowing is due to a lack of iron you should see results fairly quickly. I’m sure you were also encouraged to add organic matter (compost or manure) to the soil which will give better results over the long term.

      • Melissa, I did the organic matter, as well. Iron was granulated and I spread under tree like the organic matter and citrus food. There were ants racing all around the white cotton puffs (check out the first photo in this post, so I thought at first it was aphids. Do you still think it was mealy bug? – Kaye

  2. For some reason I am craving a Vodka & Tonic – can’t think why!

  3. Lois says:

    I imagine they smell and taste heavenly! You could make a divine lemon curd mmmmm! Or that pudding which is light sponge on top and gooey sauce underneath… or lemon drizzle cake…. oh mmmm!

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