Aphids and Planting with Linden

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Aphids and Planting with Linden: I started at seven A.M, hand-watering. When it’s quiet out, and you take a good look at how things are in the garden, you get drawn in. First, I tidied up my tomato and watermelon vines (it seems there’s more of that to do every day now with the summer winding down), then I lopped off the milkweed pods before those fuzzy things are everywhere attempting to reseed. When I moved from the planted Cinderella Weed to the Tropical Milkweed in pots, still waiting to be planted (today!), I noticed the pods on one plant were covered in aphids. Aphids come in different colors, by the way.

Aphids and Planting with Linden-aphids

Non-native Oleander Aphids on Milkweed Pod

If I understood the life cycle of the aphid better, I’d know what is going on in this photo. The yellow (presumably larvae) weren’t really moving much, and there are these little white bugs emerging. If those were parasitic wasps coming out of them, it would be awesome, but I don’t know if I got that lucky. Probably it’s just the mature aphid. I lopped off these pods and put them in the garbage. I know I never saw a Monarch butterfly come in my yard, so they haven’t found my milkweed, yet.

Then, there’s this. I stuck a Hass Avocado pit in a seed cup months ago and left it in the kitchen and watered it when I thought of it, which wasn’t often, and it never did anything, then, about a month ago, I moved it to the windowsill on the front porch, where it gets some morning light, and regular watering. Look what is emerging! I asked C.L. who knows a thing or two about avocados, and he said if I plant it in the hot sun right now, it could burn it. So, this is one of those garden decisions that needs to be made, where and when to plant it. I would REALLY like my own avocado tree, but I have so little space!

Aphids and Planting with Linden-avocado

Short-lived avocado sprout

Checking in with my emerging carrot sprouts in one barrel, which were looking good, I decided it was time to get the other barrel replanted in carrot seed after the radish-carrot experiment failed.

Aphids and Planting with Linden-carrots

Carrots sprouting in a barrel

I used the planting lettuce method in Late Bloomer – Episode 7 that I used in the barrel of carrots above.

Aphids and Planting with Linden

Planting fool-proof lettuce method

Linden decided to join me, and roll on the warm bricks. Yes, she has blue eyes.

Aphids and Planting with Linden-cat

Linden, my cat, tosses on warm bricks

What a show-off. She knew I was shooting her picture! Doesn’t she look just like Louis’ cat in episode 5 of “Suits”??

Aphids and Planting with Linden

Linden showing off her furry belly

Okay, one more turn, and back to the business of gardening.

Aphids and Planting with Linden

Linden winding down from her exertion

While we were on a roll :), I also planted Arugula in this pot. Same method. I keep them out of the sun till they sprout, so I can keep them wet. The sun will dry out the towel in an hour or two. Carrot seed must stay wet to germinate, which can take weeks! Arugula will sprout within a week.

Aphids and Planting with Linden-arugula pot

Pot planted with arugula covered with damp towel

Thanks for stopping by! I’m just stumbling along here. Leave me a comment, advice welcome! – Kaye

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  1. life goes on and on, doesn’t it? So much to do, and yet always taking time to stop and enjoy the moments. Riches in every way.

  2. I can’t wait to see the fate of the avacado!

  3. edythe preet says:

    Kaye – a good thing about milkweed is that they draw aphids away from your other plants – at least I think that’s what they do … and feed monarch b’flies too – Edythe

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