New Arrival!

| August 4, 2012 | 5 Replies

My third crop of sunflowers is now ready to pop. Here’s the very first arrival.

Upon a closer look at the center, thousands of sharp seed enclosures look like talons!

A bee wasted no time finding this first bloom. It got a little annoyed my camera was two inches away, and took off after the first shot.

This seed came from a packet of Botanical Interests, Flash Blend, so it could have been a variety of colors. This color is sensational, and welcome after all the lemon yellow of Yellow Queen, (though I have another one coming). I just took the last one down. It was seven feet tall and had about 20 blooms. The local wild parrots had made a mess of it.

I also think it might not have gotten enough water (the soil in my parkway is like brick!), as there are still thousands of seeds in the blooms.

If you haven’t yet seen my sunflower episode of Late Bloomer, please check it out! Thanks for watching! See ya’ next time! – Kaye

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  1. Rob says:

    Your close up of the ‘talons’ is terrific.

  2. What is it about sunflowers that always make you smile?

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