Dapple Dandy Plumcot!

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I don’t have a Dapple Dandy Plumcot tree, but, I wish I did! I have a regular plum tree. See my blog post “Plum Silly” . My neighbor gave me a bag of Dandy Dapple Plumcots (or Pluots) that her friend grew in Visalia, CA, and I’ve never tasted a better plum hybrid!

Dandy Dapple Plumcot - plum

Dandy Dapple Plumcot

Whereas plumcots and apriplums are first-generation hybrids between a plum parent and an apricot, pluots and apriums are later-generations. Both names plumcot and apriplum have been used for trees derived from a plum seed parent, and are therefore equivalent. – Wikipedia

Dandy Dapple Plumcot - plum lunch

Fresh, raw plum & goat yogurt

Have you tried a Dapple Dandy Plumcot (or pluot)? The skin is tender and the flesh is bright red. I made lunch of fresh goat yogurt (I don’t have a goat, either, but I wish I had room for one) with a sliced Dapple Dandy, a drizzle of raw honey and a sprinkling of organic ground nutmeg. Delicious and healthful!

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  1. lombardi3g says:

    Hi all, Somehow my Dapple Dandy pluots found their way to Kaye. We grow our pluots on the adobe soil of the Sierra Nevada foothills in Tulare County. Yes, Dapple Dandy is a pluot – which is a registered trademark of the plant breeder, Floyd Zaiger. He is well beyond 80 years old (90+?) and has produced many great tasting tree fruit varieties in his career using conventional breeding techniques. Actually, the pluots have as their mother a Japanese plum and the fathers are unproven because they were open pollinated!! Genetic analyses have failed to find any apricot markers!! It’s likely that the fathers are American plums or some kind of well-suited plum.

    Best regards and thanks for featuring our special plums in your blog,
    Allan Lombardi
    Lombardi Farms Fruit

    • Allan, thanks for the information! I’m sure my blogsters will appreciate it! I saved a pit, put it in some starter mix and am wondering if it will grow. ??

      • lombardi3g says:

        Yes, Kaye, the seed should grow but to reproduce a Dapple Dandy tree you would need to propagate a clone otherwise you will just have a seedling that is slow to bear and may express a different mix of traits from its parents (and I can only guess who the father is). I believe Dapples are available at some retail nurseries, Allan

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