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I’ve been wanting to plant some California native plants that would bring in beneficial insects for my vegetable garden. On my search for a native milkweed, I found Grow Native Nursery in Westwood. This is one type of Solanum, which should bloom from July to December, which will be nice as other natives will be done blooming in the fall. And it’s very pretty.

I also bought Narrow Leaf Milkweed (I have a Monarch Butterfly/Milkweed episode coming up on “Late Bloomer”), Asciepias fascicularis, also called Woolybush, and Yarrow (Sonoma Coast). I’d been reading about Yarrow and already knew I wanted some. Here’s what I came home with.

For any of you really paying attention, I got my Prius back from my son, and the Mini-Cooper is at Stanford again.

If you are a parrot lover, there is a parrot sanctuary right next to the nursery, Parrot Care, where Veterans care for abandoned parrots. There is a charming, loud and colorful world of parrots here, and I encourage you to drop in (and drop in a few dollars in the donation can) and be charmed and amazed by their personality and color.

This pair were a hoot, and very personable. Most people who buy parrots for pets don’t realize they live to be 50 years old! That’s a huge commitment, which is why so many parrots are abandoned. Please consider a donation to support these exotic, beautiful creatures.

Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. oceannah says:

    The parrots are so pretty. Kaye, here in NY milkweed and yarrow are free for the taking…then will over-run the place. It’s interesting how diverse the country is. Just the thought of you saying, “which should bloom from July to December” reminds me how short our growing season is here. Blooms in Dec!>! Lovely.

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