Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!

| July 9, 2012 | 4 Replies

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn! What else is new? Aphids attack everything! As I was out shaking the tassels to promote pollination, I discovered my second corn plant has been attacked.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-nasty

Black aphids on corn husk

Everyone passing by my garden has told me they had trouble growing corn here, and I am no exception! Though, I naively thought I might be. I did not notice this yesterday when I was out working to tie up my tomato vines.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-black aphids

Aphids cover the husks of corn

Super nasty. In fact, most of the plant is covered. So, I’m wondering, since it’s right beside strawberries, a cucumber, bean, basil and herbs, if I should just chop it down. If I hose it off, all those eggs and larvae go into the soil. The corn plant that I planted at the same time across the sidewalk (no aphids detected) have very few kernels, which I read results from poor pollination.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-Brooke

Neighbor Brooke enjoys my corn!

Young neighbor Brooke thought it tasted good anyway. And on another cob, this critter was happily munching. I guess that means the kernels that were there were tasty!

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-larva

Larva eating corn

Moving on to a little garden success. I harvested my 7th (of 8 total) red cabbages, and will eat tonight.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-cabbage

Red cabbage success!

Even the backside is beautiful in the sun with the silvery green leaves.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-bottom of cabbage

Silvery underside of red cabbage

And this is how the Amaranth seed plumes look today. Absolutely everyone passing by my garden asks me about the Amaranth.

Nasty Aphids Attack Corn!-amaranth

Burgundy Amaranth Plumes

Please let me know what I should do with the corn. Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. chriss says:

    Eeewww! Maybe dowse that whole corn plant with an organic pesticide to kill the aphids & larvae and then maybe remove that stalk, and hit your surrounding plants with neem oil or something to make sure you get any stragglers? Just guessing….

  2. The only things that comes to mind is buying a HUGE supply of ladybugs. They are notorious for consuming large amounts of aphids. Can you jet spray them facing outward (away) from the rest of the plants and soil?

  3. I think what I should do is remove one ear, blast it, peel it and see if it’s worth the trouble.

  4. That corn plant is long gone, I removed it. Lisa Putnam from Wild Farm in Woodside, CA (next week’s Late Bloomer episode) said it’s good to keep a clean garden. So it went out in the green bin yesterday(:

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