Growing Sunflowers – Episode 11

| June 20, 2012 | 4 Replies

Growing Sunflowers – Episode 11 – Please watch the latest episode of “Late Bloomer,” “Growing Sunflowers!”

Kaye grows Lemon Queen Sunflowers from seed, and has some surprise guests! With neighbors Mona, Sophia, Michael and Dennis.

Have you tried growing sunflowers? What pests have you encountered? How tall were your sunflowers? Please share “Late Bloomer” with friends. Thanks for watching! – Kaye

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  1. Connie Clark Chuzie says:

    Love it! I love gardening 2. U r cute as ever. Zta love!

  2. Almost 20 years ago, during construction of the Denver International Airport, I was making periodic trips to the job site. The trailers were located northwest of the terminal and several of the fields surrounding them were planted with sunflowers. The sight of 40-acre blocks of bright yellow flowers, all blooming at once and all tracking the sun as it moved across the sky, was spectacular, especially in the early morning.

    Your sunflowers are a tall and strong presence in your garden. Along with the corn, they are a like a crowd of mingling guests at a garden party.

    • What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had more space to grow corn and sunflowers, and more knowledge! I saw Farmer Jack yesterday and told him I just planted whatever I felt like and he said that was what you are supposed to do when you start. I’ve certainly learned a few lessons for next spring planting!

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