Does This Make Me a Homesteader?

| June 1, 2012 | 5 Replies

I was so excited to put up a clothesline across my driveway a few months ago. Does this make me a homesteader? It only holds one load, so probably not. I need a couple more lines.

Well, what about growing my own vegetables? That’s sweet potatoes growing in that pot. And this was yesterday’s haul, most of which got eaten raw for dinner. You can’t eat beans raw, though, should have steamed them, but, I thought I would give it a try. These tomatoes came off my two Early Girls, planted in pots in January. Can’t say they were all that good. I guess they are always better off in the ground.

It’s funny how zucchini develop, it’s like the plant is blowing up a skinny balloon, and it you pick it before it’s full, it has a skinny neck.

Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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  1. MaryZ says:

    Yum, great harvest! Anna eats beans raw. Italians stuff and fry zucchini flowers, but I guess you’re not a fry kinda girl. Loving your garden.

  2. Thanks, Mary! A word of caution to anyone thinking of planting zucchini, it takes over! I hacked it way back to give some light to some lower plants. We’ll see if it survives.

  3. oceannah says:

    What A Haul!!! Hurray for you. You’re a homesteader if you say you are 🙂 Lovely clothes line….or as some prefer “solar clothes dryer” We like beans raw…gently steamed, fermented…any ol’ way
    Not sure why you did not like them…were the perhaps too mature? Older beans get bitter. Pick them young and tender and in the heat of the day (not the am or when dewy/wet). Here we just got summer squash seed in the ground, be a while before we have fruits.

    • Could have been too mature, they were just tough. We spit them out after one bite, ha! This is my first garden ever and I have a tendency to go great guns when I do something, so I now have 3 been plants, all were organic yellow/green seedlings. Since they weren’t hanging there that long, I assumed they’d be tender. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! You know anything about growing grapevines? Course you’re climate is way colder. I was reading about them last night, and since I have an urban garden in my yard, the best place I could think of to grow a grapevine was up through my Princess Flower, which is about 8′ tall, but is not dense and the vine would get sun all day and the soil is right. Crazy idea?

  4. Great harvest you have there! I’m looking forward to seeing how your sweet potatoes do…I have never grown them before and was considering trying to grow them in a pot like that. Thanks for sharing!

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