Zucchini & Berry Harvest!

| May 22, 2012 | 6 Replies

For the first-time urban gardener, like me, harvesting my first dozen zucchini is a glorious thing! So, for the one month anniversary of Earth Day and the premiere of “Late Bloomer,” I present my zucchini.

I handed a green one, plus two long stems of oregano, to a passing neighbor. We ate the big yellow one,…

…cut and slightly steamed, over kamut spiral pasta and sauce, along with a handful of tender green and yellow beans.

And I rounded up berries. This totals 12 berries so far that I’ve picked, only one dud, as I’m carefully keeping the berries off the ground with wood bark.

When you are gardening in a small front yard, each berry is a victory! Here’s my first handful of raspberries. Because the plant looks just like a blackberry nearby, I was waiting for these berries to get black, before picking, but, out on slug patrol last night, I realized they really were raspberries and I’d better pull them off before they were too ripe. One was a little too far gone.

Isn’t it amazing how it cleanly slips off it’s stem? I always wondered how they did that in processing, haha! It’s Mother Nature at work. Thanks for joining me on my first month of discovery in “Late Bloomer!” Look for Episode 8, “Purple Cabbage Saga” (and what a saga it was/is!) of “Late Bloomer” later today. – Kaye

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  1. MaryZ says:

    I’m so jealous of your harvest, since our growing season in Jersey is much later. But you did inspire me to plant a tomato plant in a large pot (with basil).

  2. Mary, one word, greenhouse! Watch out for earwigs on your basil, creepy critters!

  3. Lois says:

    I adore zucchini but have had nil success growing them. One year we had wonderful blossom and then as soon as the fruit started to form shoots came out as if the seeds within were sprouting… most curious. The next year again we had great blossom and then they all just dropped off. This year we didn’t plant any… which is just as well considering the weather we’ve had… so I was most cheered to look at your lovely pictures!

    • Thanks so much for finding me and following, Lois, and you so very far away! I will do my best to satisfy you with zucchini photos and in two weeks, I’ll have my zucchini episode on “Late Bloomer.” Have you checked out the web series yet? Go to the Late Bloomer Episodes tab, which takes you to my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and watching! I’ll be checking out your blog. 🙂

      • Lois says:

        Oh I will, thanks for the link! I will try courgettes again next year, I’m determined! And I want to try yellow ones, your pictures are so enticing! Do they taste different from the green?

  4. Not really much difference in taste between green and yellow, maybe a little crisper? I have so much white spotty mold on my zucchini and patty pan squash now. I read they need morning sun to burn off the dew and we have had so much coastal fog. Thanks for following! Look for the new “Late Bloomer” episode tomorrow! – Kaye

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