Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Update – Part 3

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In Late Bloomer – Summer Garden Update – Part 3, Kaye harvests late season tomatoes, okra and zucchini and deals with blight, mildew and aphids on milkweed. She vows to conquer some of these issues in next summer’s garden! Southern Fried Okra recipe below.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 3-tomatoes

Brandy Boy tomatoes

She’s mystified by the long, scarlet radishes.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update Part 3-Kaye

Kaye with large container of long, scarlet radishes

Get a glimpse of intimidating garden spiders and beautiful flowers for beneficial insects.

Late Bloomer-Summer Garden Update-Part 3-green lynx spider

Green Lynx Spider on sunflower leaf

Kaye’s Simple Southern Fried Okra

1 batch of fresh, rinsed okra, cut into 1/2″ bite-sized pieces

Stone-ground, organic cornmeal

Salt & pepper to taste

Organic oil or lard for frying

Heat just enough oil to cover surface of cast-iron skillet, on medium high.

Add salt & pepper to cornmeal.

Thoroughly drench cut okra in the cornmeal.

Add okra to hot skillet.

Meal will soak up oil, so don’t use more than you need to keep from sticking.

Turn often to keep from burning.

When okra is tender, about five minutes, it’s ready to come out.

Drain on paper towel or baking paper.

 The fresher the okra, the better it will taste.

Enjoy with breakfast, lunch or dinner!


With original music by Jon Pileggi. Come back for “Summer Garden Wrap-up” when I visit a friend’s volunteer squash patch!

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