Supper Harvest!

| May 9, 2012 | Reply

A small harvest, but, it was my supper! My first green cauliflower, called an Alverda. I planted this organic cauliflower, my only one, on March 8, after I harvested my first four white cauliflower, which I cover in “Curbside Cauliflower – Episode 2” of “Late Bloomer.”

I could have waited another day or two to cut it, but, since I only had one, I couldn’t take a chance that a cutworm might go for it.

And, there wasn’t much in the refrigerator anyway, so we had freshly cut, raw cauliflower with fresh yogurt/mayo/lemon/fresh-dill-from-garden dip.

Then Sophia dropped by. I promised her my next ripe strawberry, and I was so worried that a bug would get to it before I saw her. But, no, it was perfect.

She was happy. After she ate it, she wanted to plant carrot seed, but I persuaded her to wait till after her nap tomorrow. I was tired!

I am just throwing in this photo of my blooming chives, because who knew they were so pretty?

Thanks for reading! – Kaye

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